Reflection on a Cup of Tea
Story Title: Reflection on a Cup of Tea
Rating: G
Genre: General/Slight Angst
Series: Professor Layton
Pairing(s): Reference to past Layton/Claire
Character(s): Hershel Layton
Summary: Hershel muses during afternoon tea. Post Unwound Future.
Notes: I haven't written seriously fanfiction in years. I'm trying to return to it now that I've grown a great deal as a writer. I hope you guys like it.

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Come forth, extend your hand

Propel your legs forward,

Run with me.

Come now, look up.

We’ll look once to the ever-changing sky

Before we go.

Life is swiftly passing us

And one day we’ll no longer

Be able to run

And keep up with the stars.

But until then, let’s keep running

Seeing, feeling, breathing, experiencing

The reason and gift of life:



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